City Tours (1 - 3 Hours)

City Tour

Drive through capital Kingstown bordered by the sea and encircled by green hills and ridges. Stop and view our famous churches: St. Georges’ Cathedral built in the 1800’s and the Methodist Church situated directly across the street. Just outside of the capital is the Cathedral of the Assumption comprising several architectural styles. From there, circle up to Fort Charlotte situated on a ridge 636 feet above sea level and completed in 1806. It offers a magnificent view of Kingstown and the Grenadines to the South.

Kingstown/Government Buildings

Starting at the sea port is located the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the Cruise Ship Terminal. Cruising down Bay Street will lead to the Financial Complex that houses the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Planning and Statistics. Driving along Bay Street towards New Montrose near the Botanical Gardens where the residence of the Head of State the Governor General is found. Onto Old Montrose is the newly renovated home of the Prime Minister, and just a few yards away is the Police Headquarters. From here to the last cluster of ministerial buildings such as the Ministry of Education, Social Development, National Security and Agriculture, Lands and Fisheries.